What is Energy?

Every living thing is made up of energy. It is around us all the time, like solar energy. This energy intrinsically connects us to one another, to other living things and to our world. In everyday use, energy is how we subconsciously relate to others and our environment - it makes up the 80% of the unsaid; it gives us a 'gut feeling', sometimes without rational explanation.

When we talk about energy, we are referring to our 'lifeforce' - our vibration or a matrix of impulses that our Aura carries, similar to electricity. The Aura is an energy field that surrounds our physical body but vibrates at a higher energetic level. It is like an electromagnetic energy field. It assists us to feel and intuit others - what we are feeling is the individual energetic matrix and we sense one another's energetic vibration.

You may sometimes have had an instant reaction to somebody when you first meet them. This can be a sense of recognition or knowing, as a result of sensing their energy field.

The Aura is an electromagnetic field of energy that surrounds our body, extending out about thirty to sixty centimetres. Every living thing has an Aura, an energy field - all people, animals, plants, inert objects, minerals etc all have this radiating field of energy we call an Aura. It contains a network of meridians and points (mirroring those used in acupuncture), which serve as a supplier and distributor of energy into the cells and organs of our physical body. The energy inputs of the points are like a type of coded message that our body uses to pass along biological and energetic information that contributes to either illness or wellness.

In our everyday life, our Aura can become stressed and is under constant pressure from electronic transmissions such as mobile phones.

Energy is a vibration and this applies to everything within our world and includes our natural environment. Interfaced with Nature - the air, earth and water, the animals, plants and trees, is what we refer to as the Nature Kingdoms - the spiritual or energetic realm that sutains the planet and all living creatures (including human beings) on an energy level.

We are connected to our own energy, to one another and to the Nature Kingdoms. We are all of the same energy and we share one energetic voice within the world.
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