Nautilus Energy Healing Technique

The Nautilus Energy is a vibration of energy that exists within Nature. All energy holds a certain vibration and the Nautilus Energy contains a high vibration of love that supports, nurtures, cleanses and revitalises, allowing us to relax and connect to a deeper level of stillness within ourselves. The Nautilus Energy is the energy you may feel when you are swimming, walking on the beach or in nature. There is nothing better to clear the head than to have a walk on the beach - it clears the mind, invigorates us and gives us a feeling of relaxation and contentment. Because energy is the thread that is interweaved through our lives, and this thread touches and connects everything and everyone within our physical world, our Nautilus Healer can connect to your energy field through this connection and work on your energetic bodies. Your own energy fields distribute the healing energy into the cells and organs of your body, thereby assisiting in the body's natural healing process.

The physical body doesn't function in isolation. It is part of a complete energy system that works together and this affects our physical health, our mental and emotional states and our level of spiritual connection. By the time we become sick or mentally or emotionally exhausted, the problem has, in most instances, appeared in our energy field first.

In all our treatments we work both on the physical and on the energy field, by clearing blockages, releasing stress and boosting energy levels. This helps to promote the proper flow of energy thereby improving general health and well-being.

Having a Nautilus Healing Treatment regularly can help to promote the proper flow of energy within your body and promote good health.
Where does the Nautilus Energy come from?