Our Nautilus Practitioners work with the powerful energy of nature through massage and energy healing to assist you to release stress and tension, reinvigorate your body and energise your life force.

Whether you have a Massage, Healing, Bowen Therapy, Treatment or Facial, we use Nautilus Healing Energy in all of our treatments. This means that our Therapist work not only on your physical body but also in your electromagnetic field. i.e. your energy field - commonly known as your Aura. This is a gentle and relaxing process where we assist you to release stress and negativity that can accumulate through your day to day activities. We realign and balance your energy field and assist your body to maximise its natural healing ability.

Our treatments provide a simple and practical approach to effectively treat back, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety and digestive problems as well as stress and trauma. Any physical illness, use of prescription drugs, anaesthetic used during surgical procedures can all impact on our body systems. Clearing the related energetic bodies through our treatmens can assist to boost and reitalise these systems. Our practitioners will focus on distributing healing energy to any body systems that are not functioning at an optimum level. The main body systems that can greatly benefit from our treatments are - Nervous, Respiratory, Immune, Muscular-Skeletal, Reproductive, Lymphatic, Circulatory, Integumentary (Skin) and Digestive systems.

Our Treatments

Our very efficient, highly
result-orientated treatments are designed
to provide you with the optimum experience of health and 
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