Light a candle, put on your favourite music, pour yourself your favourite drink and immerse yourself in a relaxing, scented salt bath.
Inner Harmony - To bring balance and peace to your spirit ......Rosewood, Geranium, Mandarin, Lavender, Sweet Orange.
Body Scrub & Bath Salts - To exfoliate the skin while relaxing in your bath.....Spearmint, Lime and Cedarwood.

Blended with jojoba oil and pure essential oils, this body wash not only cleans but also softens & nourishes the skin. Just a cap full will give you a luxurious fragrant bath or use in your shower. Choose from three different types.
Refreshing - Relaxing - Revitalising - Nurturing

Made from a base of essential oils, this hydrating body lotion is ideal for all skin types.

Blended with oil of Avocado, this natural hand wash has natural disinfectant properties leaving your hands fresh and cleansed. Ideal for all skin types.

Escentials carries a range of specialty shampoos designed to appeal to the discerning customer, who wants fabulous hair without the accumulation of chemical residue. Shampoo types:
Dry Hair - rosemary & gingseng
Sensitive Hair - cedar wood & chamomile
All hair types - Lime & Green Tea

 Take some Bath Time Out for yourself to relax and rejuvenate

Bath Salts 
Moisturising Body

250gm $24.00

120gm $19.50

200ml $21.00

125ml $22.00
250ml $37.95

170ml $15.50

125ml $10.95
250ml $19.95
Hand Wash
Body Lotion