All Natural Body Products

We create our products from a natural and organic base, infusing them with the energetic lifeforce of delicate rose petals, Australian red flowering gum leaves, herbs and selected essential oils, resulting in products of unique depth and vitality. We have created a body range for face, hair and repair for men and women, ideal for all skin types including sensitive and problem skin.

Through this alchemy process, the lifeforce of hand-picked rocks, plants and mosses are infused into our creams and lotions. This natural healing energy is then passed onto you, both through the skin and through your internal body systems, affecting not only your physical body, but your energetic body as well.

Using only natural and certified organic ingredients, our products are not tested on animals and do not contain chemicals, fragrant oils or preservatives.

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The power of nature at its most pure and beautiful - flowers and herbs renowned for their rejuvenating, nurturing and healing properties.............